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Czech Hunter 38 – Car wash video

This is the ultimate and one of the most exclusive czech hunter update ever, so check it out now! At last it´s summer time here in Prague. The guys look so freakin good wearing short pants. This is probably the ideal period of time for hunting. First of all I stopped a really adorable guy on the road in close proximity to my apartment. I given him five hundred for his underwear. Because he was really shy, I needed to increase my offer. For about 3.000 he at last decided to say yes and he removed his pants, right in the middle of some viewers. However regrettably he did not desire to do a lot more than that. Therefore I went on to some close by gas station. A very good looking guy was washing his car.

He appeared to have been actually broke cause he offered me his underwear only for 1.000. He gave the impression to possess a firm worked out body. I was actually a little bit anxious but I couldn’t resist to go forward. So I convinced him to show me his cock in the car wash. So I made some other indecent proposal. Of course that he said no, at first, but after I showed him the money, he accepted instantly. It seems like the poor guy was really desperate, as you will get to see from the czechhunter video update! Have fun and watch the entire video, to see what else I convinced him to do, and if you liked it visit blog and check out other hot guys fucking each others asses!

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Czech Hunter 4 video – The club

It’s the perfect time for some czech hunter clubbing, since it’s Saturday night. Well in fact near to the midnight. At this point, I am in one of the most favored Techno Clubs in the middle of Prague. However today it’s not at all so populated. I had been a little bit concerned about the spy camera that I smuggled inside the club. However so far no one reported me. So I contacted a good looking guy who was sitting down on a table. It was an encouraging interview. Then again his friend arrived and the guy changed his mind.

Anyhow, I continued my round in the club and I began to speak with a guy who was drinking on the bar. A very nice  guy, in fact. He originate from Ostrava and exhibited his six pack, right there, in the midst of the club. Therefore I made an amazing offer and we were able to go downstairs to the storage room to have some fun. You should see what money do to the people! He accepted instantly to do a lot more with me, just for the money, as you will get to see from the latest czechhunter video update! Have fun!

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CzechHunter – Three-way fun

Here comes the latest amazing czechhunter update, so sit tight cause here it comes!  It had been already late into the evening when I thought I  should go for a walk through the park.Of course that  I had my webcam with me. Cause, in fact, you can’t say for sure what it’s the future gonna bring you. And indeed there initially were those two nice and horny guys who were sitting on a bench in the park. At first they didn’t actually observe me. I was a little bit worried about nearing them. Sometimes the guys react hostile if they are more in a crowd. But nonetheless I chose to try my fortune. After having a short interview I noticed that they are totally broke. With out  having any money for an additional beer. For 4000 crowns these two revealed me their cocks. After that I presented them a really immoral suggestion for a threesome at my apartment.

One of them was ok with that, since the very beginning. He was very attracted to the cash that he even assisted me to encourage his friend. What occurred is a thing even I will always remember. Have a blast watching this amazing Czech Hunter video to see what happened into my apartment with these two horny good looking guys! It will totally make your day, I promise you that. You will love the way they will be shy at first, touching my erect tool, but shortly they will knock themselves out! Have fun! For similar hardcore gay sex content, check out The Boss scene and have fun!czech-hunter-threesome

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Czech Hunter 5 – Sex in the basement

Have fun watching the latest czech hunter update! We have a very naughty guy who is going to do a lot of nasty things just to get some extra cash.In most cases I don’t pretend that I am looking for new male models. In fact, maybe in some means I really am a scout. However my passion is all about another type of modeling. This guy seemed sort of cute but he was very shy and big-headed on the other hand. It absolutely was really challenging work to convince him. I had to spend a lot of talk with him just to make him display me at least his wang. Then again he confessed that he had sex with a guy before. hot-guy-fucked-in-the-basement-by-czech-hunterThat has been really honest. I valued that. Of course – this guy truly had no idea about how to blow or jerk a guy. But his butthole… my goodness his butthole was so stretched and nice. It had been a real good shag in a low-quality basement. At this point I am pretty much broke now, but it was totally worthy. Just look at him how good looking guy he is and how nice he shoves my cock in his mouth! He really is something. He will do a lot more than that, he will also offer his tight asshole to be fucked, so it will be amazing! Hope you will enjoy this amazing update and don’t forget to see it all and more hot czech studs in nasty scenes! If you liked this scene check out blog and enjoy watching some hot sports players getting naked for you!

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CzechHunter – Twink nailed in the park

You have to admit that our czechhunter videos are the best! After my newest success in the close by park I wanted to try my good luck at the tramway station, I mean in front of it. I neared two fresh guys just like those from island studs videos and I was quite self-explanatory. Both of them happen to be very polite – but they opposed my offers. Good, on a tramway station guys are in most cases in a big hurry. So I made the decision to go back in the park. I put in some hours there. But practically nothing. I was going to go back home as it began to get dark when I observed a really cute guy having fun with his mobile phone. I needed to try it.

He had not been so warm and friendly at the start. When I requested him to exhibit me his tool he nearly run away. However when I revealed him my money this good looking guy accepted to run a couple of meters with his jeans down and his bottom naked. Which in fact was just the start. Have fun watching this czech hunter video, to see how this cutie will have his ass basically hammered all the way! It’s so hot!


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Virgin ass gets hammered

That is precisely why you love Czech Hunter 13 updates, cause they are always so hot! I adore the main station there is in Prague. I frequently go there since I was very lucky more often than not before. However today things were completely different. I simply began to browse around when a really cute guy just like those from kristen bjorn videos contacted me. Yes. You’ve got it right. He was the one approaching me. He asked me if I have some coins for the tickets machine. Needless to say I given him more than merely my change. I started my interview technique. However as I seemed to be completely focused on my discussion somebody snapped up my shoulder from behind. There were some security guys who insisted that I have to turn off my camera.

Very well, you will see it for yourself what actually happened next. In any case, at least the guy didn’t leave me there. He told me that he lost all of his cash with the gambling and he was more than pleased about my special offers. You will get to see how his virgin ass hole will be cracked out by my colossal tool, not before trying it out at first, with one of my fingers. He was so tight that I was pretty sure that my cock won’t fit in there, but with a little bit of spit, it went down very well, sliding in it easily. Have fun with this amazing czechhunter update and see ya tomorrow with more horny and broke czech guys in action! Enjoy it!


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Cute guy solo

Hope you are ready for the latest video czech hunter update! Getting out for a drink, I’ve noticed a cute bartender who is looking just like hot Peter Fever, looking at me so shy! I started to tip him just to come more often and talk to me. He seemed eager for something more than that so I asked him to come at the bathroom, to tell him something. Who knows why, but he came. He told me that he is very short in cash cause he has some problems so I offered helping him with this matter. He was so cute telling me this that I had a boner instantly. For just 1000 he absolutely agreed to show me his cock, which in fact it was a very beautiful one. For just some extra cash he started right away to touch it and play with it, making me very nervous and excited. guy-jerking-for-the-cam-at-czech-hunter

I actually wanted to look at him, to stay away for a while and let him do his thing, but her looked so handsome with those abs that I was pretty much insane, almost jump on him. But it was more interesting that way, I wanted to see if I am capable to resist this huge temptation, and in fact I did. Trust me, if you will get to see this naughty czech hunter update, you will see what else happened into this obscure bathroom and what kind of nasty things I made this cute guy do, just for the cash. You will be quite impressed, I promise! See another hot drilling session that you will totally enjoy!

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Czech Hunter – Sex on the train

There a lot of fun in the newest czech hunter updates, as you all know. And today we are going to impress you with another suggestive movie update. I was on a train, going to visit somebody in other town, when a really cute guy was looking at me with those big brown eyes. I knew that he is up to something so I sit next to him. The cabin was empty so I asked him to do me a favor and show me his cock, I told him that I love sexy naked men but he looked at me like I was nuts.

That was only at first, but when I showed him the money, he quickly unzip his pants and he started to jerk of his beautiful cock. After a few more minutes I took mine out and he jumped at it, with his mouth opened, so eager to get it down there, in his mouth. He was so keen sucking me like he actually liked it, not because he was doing it for the money. Stay tuned to see the rest of the czech hunter video, and watch the amazing way that I stuffed my cock in his tight hole! Such a sweet hole, damn. czech-hunter-on-the-train

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Cute twink fucking for cash

Just look at this cute Czech Hunter 29 video and you will be in love, I can bet! This cute twink was desperate to make some cash fast, cause he had to pay some debts so it was the perfect opportunity for me to make him an offer he can’t refuse. I invited him to come over for some sweet treats, at my apartment and he came right away, since he knew already what is going to happen at my place. At first, I showed him the money and his eyes were sparkling! He already got what he was needing for so it was my turn now. I took out my huge cock and he started to jerk it off and to shove it deep into his mouth.

He is pretty good at this, it seems like he is doing it a lot more often that he admits he does! Have fun watching him gettin nasty with all my jizz on his lips and also with the second czechhunter part, cause I wasn’t done! I needed to shove my tool into his tight hole too, after giving him so much money! Like the guys from Dirty Tony‘s website, he got His ass cracked like a watermelon! Yummy!!!


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Czech Hunter 20 – In the park

The next czech hunter post is about my latest experience in the park, with a skater. I just adore sexy guys who practice sports, mostly because of their outfits who look so damn hot. So the other day I went along to a skater park. Of all those joyful youngsters one guy looked like he was quite sad. I began to speak with him and he informed me that he smashed his skateboard. I feel so bad for him. But there was in fact a perfect begin for me. He told me that we should leave the park first.

There were too many of his best friends and they could see us. However I convince him to exhibit his ass and to touch my hard cock. A 10 000 crowns later on he soon began to blow me. I also took his head and gave him a perfect deep throat. He nearly had to choke. Near to the river was a out of the way place. Oh he shagged so well for his new skateboard. Once again I have to admit: I love skaters. And you will too, after seeing this new czechhunter update I have to expose to you! Enjoy also an extra banging scene, just the kind that you like watching!


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