Fucked In The Club

It’s the perfect time for some czech hunter clubbing, since it’s Saturday night. Well in fact near to the midnight. At this point, I am in one of the most favored Techno Clubs in the middle of Prague. However today it’s not at all so populated. I had been a little bit concerned about the spy camera that I smuggled inside the club. However so far no one reported me. So I contacted a good looking guy who was sitting down on a table. It was an encouraging interview. Then again his friend arrived and the guy changed his mind.

Anyhow, I continued my round in the club and I began to speak with a guy who was drinking on the bar. A very nice  guy, in fact. He originate from Ostrava and exhibited his six pack, right there, in the midst of the club. Therefore I made an amazing offer and we were able to go downstairs to the storage room to have some fun. You should see what money do to the people! He accepted instantly to do a lot more with me, just for the money, as you will get to see from the latest czechhunter video update! Have fun!

See this guy getting picked up in the club and fucked hard!