Cute Guy Jerking Off

Hope you are ready for the latest video czech hunter update! Getting out for a drink, I’ve noticed a cute bartender who is looking just like hot Peter Fever, looking at me so shy! I started to tip him just to come more often and talk to me. He seemed eager for something more than that so I asked him to come at the bathroom, to tell him something. Who knows why, but he came. He told me that he is very short in cash cause he has some problems so I offered helping him with this matter. He was so cute telling me this that I had a boner instantly. For just 1000 he absolutely agreed to show me his cock, which in fact it was a very beautiful one. For just some extra cash he started right away to touch it and play with it, making me very nervous and excited. guy-jerking-for-the-cam-at-czech-hunter

I actually wanted to look at him, to stay away for a while and let him do his thing, but her looked so handsome with those abs that I was pretty much insane, almost jump on him. But it was more interesting that way, I wanted to see if I am capable to resist this huge temptation, and in fact I did. Trust me, if you will get to see this naughty czech hunter update, you will see what else happened into this obscure bathroom and what kind of nasty things I made this cute guy do, just for the cash. You will be quite impressed, I promise! See another hot drilling session that you will totally enjoy!

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