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Another fresh week and here we are with another new czech hunter videos update for you guys. Our guy found himself another catch that’s worth every penny spent today and you will just adore the view of his scene today. The free video has him show off his skills on cocks and it’s just a treat to see. So let’s get to see this muscled hunk getting payed quite some cash to give a hand job and afterwards even more than that to suck that cock too. Our czechhunter knew exactly what to look for and what do you know, he found it. Anyway, sit back, relax and let’s get the show going as we bet you’re very very eager to get to see some more gay action today!

As you know, this site is the best place to come and visit when you want to see some gay sex scenes and even though today's guy says he's straight, he's pretty quick to change his mind when he gets offered a lot of money. Watch closely and enjoy the show as he gets to stroke that cock with his hands. He looks just amazing and our guy adores the attention he gets from the muscled hunk. Then another down payment of cash has him sucking that cock like candy as well just like we mentioned. Well have fun with it, and do come back next week for more. Meanwhile, you can sit back and check out the past scenes too for even more juicy content!
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Czech Hunter Full Video

Hey there guys and gals. Welcome back to a brand new czech hunter full update this afternoon and we have quite the treat for you once again. You can see a nice and superb video as we’ve brought some before you in the past too. But anyway, we’re here today with another new and hot video for you basically and in it you can see some more hot guys fucking and having nasty fun for your viewing pleasure on camera. So let’s get this brand new and juicy czechhunter update going to check out a threesome fuck session here, where one guy gets to play with both his friends’ cocks for the duration of the whole thing and you just have to check it out without delay here today!

Well to being off, you can see the guy and his buddies outside. They all complain it’s freezing so they should maybe head inside to get warmed up. Well they had a special kind of warming up in mind as you can see as two of the guys offered some cash to their FraternityX friend to get their cocks sucked. Well it’s not like he didn’t want to try it either and besides, it was some nice cash. So watch him whip out their cocks and see him perform a simply amazing double blowjob for them as he sucks them off this afternoon. But you can bet that that’s not all as the guy also gets to take it in the butt hole from them in turns after that. Enjoy the show and see you as always, next week!

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CzechHunter – Prague Zoo

Welcome back to more hot and juicy czechhunter com fuck sessions with hot hunks. Well in this scene here you can watch this hot and horny guy get fucked hard for cash in the Prague Zoo today. The guy and our stud had little issue finding a nice and more secluded part of the location to plow each other in and it was just amazing. Let’s get right into the action with this juicy and hot czech hunter scene where you can see the hot couple fucking hard for your viewing pleasure today. We can guarantee that you will fall in love with the blonde cutie and he’s sure to make a comeback in future scenes as well.


Anywho, what starts off as just some casual chatter, turns into dirty talk and flirting real quick. Lucky the guy knows a janitor’s office that they can sneak in around here. Once in there, you can see him blowing some cock and stroking his dick along with the other guys’. Then he gets to moan in pleasure while he takes it in the ass for the scene and it’s just a treat to see this horny dude in action. And the wad of cash at the end was pretty handy too as he was pretty much broke for the week. Well either, way, see him fucking for cash today and we’ll be back again next week with another new update. See you guys then and we hope that you enjoyed the show!

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Nice Catch

Time once more to check out a czech hunter free update this week and as usual with another hot and horny stud that gets to be wild and nasty on camera. Pretty much as the title spells it, the hot guy is quite the catch today so you can bet that there was no way that he wouldn’t be featured on our most hot and sexy fuck scenes on the site. Let’s sit back and have fun with another gay fuck as usual, but when it comes to this guy you will see in his video that he likes to take it slow and do it passionately. Well our hot stud gave it to him hard and as passionately as he wanted in the ass and you just have to sit back and check out the whole thing today at czechhunter.

The discussion with him progresses fast. It’s clear he’s interested and pretty soon he had cash in hand and going to a motel with the man. Once there, you can see the clothes flying off pretty quick off him as he’s very much in the mood now. And yes, you can see kissing and caressing as the guy works his way down that huge cock when he whips it out of the pants all ready to get to blow it. See him making sure it stands at attention by sucking and deep throating it today and then see him spread those cheeks too. You can see his ass stretched nicely by a thick man meat today too and we bet you’ll adore the gallery. We’ll see you again soon with a new show!


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Czech Hunter Jakub

Another fresh week and time for a new czech hunter scene to be brought to you all. Well it’s still the middle of winter around here and that means that everyone is still wearing thick clothing. But you can usually spot the hot guys quite quick still. And that’s pretty much the case with Jakub here, as he’s just a cutie and this guy just had to plow his fine tight ass this afternoon without delay. You can bet that the czechhunter had little issue convincing him to give up his ass when the big sum of cash was presented to him. So let’s not delay any longer and let’s get to watch the adorable and lustful Jakub as he gets to have his tight ass stretched by a big cock in this chezh hunter update!


When the cameras roll you can watch the cute Jakub as he blows our guy right there outside in the snow. They were going to attempt a outdoor fuck, but it was just too cold for them to get any action. So they head back to Jakub’s place to play where the guy continues his juicy oral session. See him blowing that cock with such a passion to make sure that it’s nice and hard and then you can see him fucked over the desk as he bends over. That continues over in the bed and eventually he flips over too to take it missionary in the ass too. What a great looking sexy stud, we hope to see him here again in future scenes too!

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Mira and Eliska

This week’s czech hunter update is one that you just have to check out. We know you’ll just adore it because we know you’re always down to see some hot and sexy czech guys getting wild with each other and having some nasty fun. This guy here is named Mira and our guy Eliska was down to get to party hard with the guy for the afternoon. Sit back and let’s see another exchange of cash for services and you can see the cute and adorable stud Mira getting to bend over in this scene as he gets fucked in the ass balls deep by Eliska. So let’s get the show going without any sort of delays this fine afternoon right here.

You get to see Mira acosted on the street and a conversation starts to break out with him. Well one thing leads to another and pretty soon the guy gets the question popped. Well since he was getting offered a ton of cash for what is something that he likes to do for fun, he goes with it and takes the guy back to his place. See him whipping out that cock and working it with his lips to get it nice and hard and then you can see him bending over and fucking doggie style. All in all he and the other guy played all over the place with one another and it’s a pretty amazing and juicy gay fuck fest with them here for sure. Let’s let them have their fun for today and we’ll see you again next week with more!


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Free Czech Hunter – Honza and Tomas

Today’s free czech hunter video is sure to impress you with the two studs that we get to show off. The two guys are named Honza and Tomas and they will be getting to have some nasty fun obviously with our stud in this sexy scene right here. The two guys are very very much into threesomes and in their scene here today they get to do just that. So let’s get to check them out in some juicy action without any delay today. We can guarantee that you will just adore their naughty fucking session as they get to go to the stud that picks them up place. Well let’s see them drop those pants and watch as they get to fuck in the ass for this juicy czechhunter scene today shall we?


Well like we said, they get picked up at the restaurant. As you can see, it was pretty chilly outside and there was heavy snowfall. Well after the little trade went down they went to the guy’s place and you get to see them take off the pants and underwear to show off some superb and sexy bodies to you all. Watch them stroke each other’s cocks and as they jack off one another they get rock hard too. Then you can see them taking their time to anally plow each other balls deep and sucking the guys big and thick dick with their luscious lips. We hope that you had fun and we’ll see you again soon with more new and kinky updates and of course more hot guys!

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Czech Outdoor Action

Hey there again everyone. It’s time once more to see some czech hunter cute studs getting to have fun and we have just what you were looking for this week. And we’re pretty sure that it’s some nice and kinky outdoor action with a guy with dark blonde hair and blue eyes at the center of this czechhunter show. He and some buddies were out for a jog, when the guy porposed to them a nice group fuck for some easy money. Well it’s not like they were doing anything else and it seemed like that would be just as good as a workout too. Let’s take the time to sit back and relax as we get to see some anal penetration action in this czech update here today!

Well like we said, you get to watch them getting talked to and agreeing pretty much on the spot. And what resulted is a superb little group fun scene with the whole crew of guys getting it on. Since they were in the park early in the morning, they were happy about it since no one is really around at the time anyway so they had the whole place to themselves too. Like the guys from Jason Sparks‘s blog, these guys are some really sex addicts, so let’s just get it started and you can see them sucking some cock with a passion after which they get to bend over and do some anal fucking too. We hope that you had fun with this simply stunning and juicy gay scene here and we’ll bring you much much more next week too!


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Czech Hunter 291

Hey there guys and welcome to some brand new czech hunter scenes here this week. We have what you are looking for once more and of course, it’s a cute and lovely guy that’s down to do some naughty fucking. This one was a bit of a quickie here at czechhunter as we got to meet the guy at a car show and there wasn’t really any private spot on location to get nasty. But our two studs did find a more secluded place at least for a time where they could be fucking nice and hard. So let’s sit back and watch the hot scene unfold as you get to enjoy another gay fuck fest here with this cute guy and we bet you’re now very very eager to check out this chech hunter scene too!


Like we said, we met him at the car show and he seemed pretty eager to get to play too. Well once the proposition is made, he thinks about it a bit, but decided favorably as that’s a pretty neat sum of cash up front. And hey, he admitted that it’s not his first rodeo either. Watch him receiving that down payment first and then as they go to the private spot they found you can see him drop his pants and sucking that nice and thick dick to make sure it’s nice and hard for his ass. And then you get to see him fucked doggie style and missionary in the ass all nude too. It was a great scene and who knows, maybe you’ll see this guy around here again in the future!

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Czech Guy Lukas

Welcome to some pretty amazing and hot czechunter scenes this week once more everyone. We bring you some more juicy and hot galleries featuring naughty sex scenes and this week we have another hot and horny stud getting kinky. The name of this guy is Lukas and you will get to see him getting quite naughty in today’s little nasty czechhunter scene. We met him as he was cleaning up his car and as you know the proposal was made to him, to get down and dirty for some cold hard cash. He took it on the spot so what you end up seeing, is the cute stud Lukas getting a good butt fucking this afternoon. Let’s get the czech hunter show started as you just have to see him play here!

Since the whole thing was decided fast, Lukas got to have some fun in his own car. lucky for everyone he has darker tinted windows so you can’t really see in from the outside. That was just perfect for the naughty sex scene here and once inside the car you can see him whipping out our guys’ cock to start sucking it. He seems to be a master blowjob giver as well, but the best part of the whole thing is most definitely the part where he gets to take it in the ass. Sit back and enjoy seeing him moan in pleasure as he takes it in the ass in all positions possible today and you will be witness to a simply amazing gay fuck scene here. We’ll see you again soon with another new scene! If you can’t wait until the, check out the site and see some gorgeous frat guys having sex!


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