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Czech Hunter 20 – In the park

The next czech hunter post is about my latest experience in the park, with a skater. I just adore sexy guys who practice sports, mostly because of their outfits who look so damn hot. So the other day I went along to a skater park. Of all those joyful youngsters one guy looked like he was quite sad. I began to speak with him and he informed me that he smashed his skateboard. I feel so bad for him. But there was in fact a perfect begin for me. He told me that we should leave the park first.

There were too many of his best friends and they could see us. However I convince him to exhibit his ass and to touch my hard cock. A 10 000 crowns later on he soon began to blow me. I also took his head and gave him a perfect deep throat. He nearly had to choke. Near to the river was a out of the way place. Oh he shagged so well for his new skateboard. Once again I have to admit: I love skaters. And you will too, after seeing this new czechhunter update I have to expose to you! Enjoy also an extra banging scene, just the kind that you like watching!


 Check out as this guy gets his ass fucked i the park!