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Czech Hunter – Good Money

Hey there guys, czech hunter here once again with all new and hot scenes like usual. Once more we have a pair of studs that are down on their luck money wise and in dire need of it. Well, as you know, there’s always money to be made here with our well endowed stud, in exchange for a quickie and appearing on cameras too. So the pair naturally accepted on the spot and with that they went to a hotel with our guy normally. The thing is that this is the first time we have a pair making their debut in these scenes and we think that you will adore seeing these two guys get down and dirty in the naughty czechhunter scene they shot.


As the cameras start to roll for this one, as soon as the guys are in the hotel room the naughty fin starts. Watch the two hunks sucking the guy’s big and hard cock and his toes too. Then they do a perfect double blowjob on his cock too, using those juicy lips to entice him more and more of course. After all that prepping you get to also see a nice and long sex scene with the two guys taking turns to be pounded in the ass by that huge cock all afternoon long. We hope that you enjoyed the view and we definitely hope that they will make another appearance around here in the future as well. Have fun and see you soon everyone!

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Little Games

Welcome back once more everyone, czech hunter is back again with more luscious scenes for everyone to see and enjoy. In this fresh update here we bring you a jock that is part of a hockey team and he’s going to show off just how good he is both on and off the field for the afternoon. Rest assured that you get to see him doing some naughty stuff this fine day too and it’s a sight to behold. Let’s get started and watch him warm up with a nice demonstration of his Hockey skills. After that he and our guy take their leave so they can have their fun in a private hotel room without any disturbances this fine day today.

The czechhunter scene properly gets going when they are at the hotel. Once inside the hockey dude starts to strip and you can watch him put on a nice strip show as he takes off his clothes for you guys and the cameras. he takes his time to expose every inch of that simply superb sculpted body too and our stud was quite enjoying himself with the whole thing. After that watch the jock dropping on his knees and see him starting to suck off that cock like a pro as he needs to make sure that it’s all nice and hard for his sweet tight ass. And of course, you get to enjoy seeing him taking it balls deep in his ass too for this superb scene. Have fun with it guys!


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Czech Hunter Quick Blowjob

Another fresh week and time for one more czech hunter scene filled with awesome scenes to be brought to you. This guy right here was in some dire need of money and you know we always love to help out. Though for a price. Even with that, that wasn’t a challenge for this hunk as he was eager and happy to get to play dirty with our stud in exchange for a pretty nice sum of cash this afternoon. The scene is set in the hotel room as the two take to go there to have their sex session in peace and quiet too. Let’s not beat around the bush any longer and check out their scene as we bet that you are eager to see them play too.quick-blowjob-at-czech-hunter

Once inside, the door is locked behind them so that there’s no more disturbances and the guy takes the camera to shoot the scene in the classy POV style too. Watch him stroking his cock as the hunk undresses, putting a strip show on for him and then see him getting that fat cock sucked with a passion. The stud even goes as far of performing a very skillful foot job for his hard cock. That in turn is followed by a anal banging that this stud will sure remember. Well he does love big hard cocks working his sexy ass as hard and fast as it can be done and this was just what went down too. Have fun with it as per usual and see you soon!

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Czech Hunter Videos

We have more exclusive czech hunter videos ready for you guys. Today we have this hot guy getting his mouth and ass fucked by the horny hunter. He found this one at a skater park next to his house and after seeing him daily for more then a week he got more and more interested. He didn’t seem into guys, but that can always be changed. He was way to cute to miss, so the hunter went to him and after chatting for a while he invited him up to his place to continue their talk. The hot skater boy had some experience before so he wasn’t that much work after all. But you have to check him out in this video to see his sucking off the hunter’s big dick and then taking it up his cute ass. Enjoy it!

czech hunter videos

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Czech Hunter – Second Catch

Well here we are again with some more new czech hunter scenes for you to see. You will remember this guy from one of our previous scenes that we had and rest easy knowing that you get to see him getting naughty once more today. The scene takes place in a public spot yet again and just like last time he had a blast with it too as he sais that the risk of getting caught is always a turn on for him no matter what. Well, it seems that he was in need of money again so a quick little fuck scene out doors for some easy money was the perfect treat for him today. Let’s check it out as always and see him hard at work!


Our guy and the stud go to a alleyway and that’s where they decide to have their fuck session. Watch the guy putting his oral skills on display once more to get that meat pole nice and hard and then see him bending over to take it balls deep in his nice and horny tight ass. Midway through, the cock needs more tongue and lip action so the guy gets to suck it some more and after that, followed a nice missionary style fucking too. It was a great scene to shoot and we bet it’s just as amazing to see too. Have fun with the guy’s second appearance and who knows, maybe we’ll have him here for a third time as well. Enjoy guys and gals!

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The Broke Student

It’s time to see one more new and hot czech hunter update. As always, you know that we bring you the best of the best scenes to see with hot and fresh gay studs and this scene here is no exception either. You get to watch a superb guy that was down on his luck money wise, that manages to make some quick cash by enjoying himself a bit in front of our czechhunter cameras today. Of course, the stud for the other half of this temporary couple, we’d provide ourselves and of course he was packing a big cock that was all ready to pleasure a tight ass. Well, let’s get down to it and see what happened shall we?

The student can be seen in the start stating what the source of his troubles is and on the spot our guy offers him a nice and big sum of money to take in his ass. Well, that was enough for the guy to agree and after we gave him his money, the two went to an outdoors spot where they could fuck in peace and quiet. Watch him sucking that enormous cock with a passion to have it rock hard and then take your time to watch some anal penetrating go down. The guy moans loudly in pleasure as he takes that meat shaft deep in the ass for the afternoon and rest assured that he loved every single second of it too!


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Hot Biker

Another fresh week and time for another new czech hunter scene to be brought to you guys without delay. This one features a horny biker dude that proves that even hardcore guys like him know how to work a cock with a passion as well. Our guy made the proposition to this guy in a cafe and the guy took it on the spot of course. You could just tell that the stud was as eager to fuck as our own guy and after taking their time to enjoy a coffee, the two of them headed out to have some nice and hard style fucking in a more secluded place, but still in front of the cameras. So let’s check it out today.


Like we said, you can see the two leaving the bar and going in the park. Once the two of them settled on a private spot where to have fun at, the two of them get down to business. And the first order of that said business, is for this guy to prove his oral skills as he sucks and slurps on a nice and thick cock to lube it for his nice and tight rear end. Take your time to see the guy taking it in the ass hard style and like a champ and you will be able to enjoy seeing this guy even having a prostate orgasm by the end of this whole scene today. We’ll be back with some more new and fresh scenes soon everyone!

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The Hot Waiter

This week’s new czech hunter scene features a waiter that just wants to take a break and party hard style for a bit. Well as you know, that’s exactly what cute hunks like him can find here and our stud was present along with his nice and big cock to allow him to have as much fun as he wants. Let’s take the time to check him out in some action and see him riding a nice and big dick today. Rest assured that he enjoyed himself quite a bit this afternoon and we know that he’s going to be coming back in future czechhunter scenes too. Let’s take the time to see him demonstrate his superb sex skills without delay in this nice scene here.

The cameras roll and you even get to see the first bit, where he talks a bit about himself and what he loves. Naturally what he loves to do the most, is have casual sex with nice and well endowed studs. That was just perfect for today as he would get just that all to himself. The two go at it in a back room where they can get as crazy as they wish and it’s quite the treat to see it go down. Watch him starting with some classy oral pleasing on that nice and big dick and then see as he takes his spot on top of it for the rest of the scene. He even has the guy bust his load inside that cock hungry ass of his this afternoon. See you soon!


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Czech Hunter – The Interview

Today’s new and hot czech hunter scene has more sexy studs showing off just for you. The brand new scene features something a bit special this time as you can probably tell. That is that this new scene mainly takes place outdoors, and of course, that includes the whole hard style czechhunter fuck scene. This guy just came from a job interview and he was a bit down. Well our guy knows just the thing to lift his spirits and be sure that he put it to action a lot to help the hunk out. Let’s sit back and enjoy the scene as you get to see this cute guy fucked nice and hard like all the other guys that we have had around here.


Our duo doesn’t take long to get to the park and once there, they go to a more private part of it that’s more safe from prying eyes too. Take the time to check out this hunk getting paid upfront a nice and large sum of money and with that he just starts to get naked. Once he’s nude, watch him suck off a nice and fat cock to make sure it’s nice and big and then see him bending over to eagerly await the meat pole to work his ass. After enjoying taking it from behind a good while, you can see the guy flipping over and getting his nice and tight ass fucked missionary style as well for the rest of this beautiful scene. We hope that you enjoyed it!

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The Law Student

Hey there once more everyone and welcome to a new and hot czech hunter update. This time we have quite the hunk to parade in this scene as he’s super sexy and also a law student too. Well this law student is about to show off this fine afternoon for you all and take a nice and long and thick cock in his law studying ass. So let’s check him out in action as his scene starts off this fine afternoon. It’s a great view to see what happens with a stud like this when he decides to go down and dirty and of course you can see it all only here. Let the cameras roll and let’s check him out without delay shall we?

The scene starts with our law student getting picked up at a local coffee shop by our stud. Rest assured that it didn’t take long to convince this hot looking guy to get naked and have some sex. The thing is that he just adores to get naughty even though he may not look like it. The two go back to a hotel room to get comfy and once the clothes come off this guy gets around to suck and slurp on some cock to get it nice and hard today. After that it’s some nice and classy ass pounding that goes down and this hunk adores every single second of it all today. Check it out yourselves and we’ll be bringing you more czechhunter stuff like it in the future as well.


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