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Czech Hunter 2 – Cute blonde guy


Here is the latest Czech hunter 2 update, so check it out now! We have a very nice blonde guy who pretty much cost me a fortune to shove my cock in his mouth! We have met in a restaurant and at first he was pretty shy, or at least he seemed like it. He acted like he never did it with a guy, but I was pretty sure that he is gay, anyway. He really need some extra cash and he played the expensive card.

It worked out, cause I really like him and I really wanted to shove my tool in his tight ass, so of course that I spent every single cent on him, and I actually liked it. At first, I shoved my tool in his mouth and spank him with the money on his face, while he was licking it. It made me wanting him more, seeing him there on his knees, so I made him turn and bend, just to have access to his tight hole. Look at this blonde guy and how cute he is with all my warm jizz spread on his nice face!

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Czech Hunter Men play

Have a look at the following czech hunter video and see how is this hot guy going to start pleasuring himself while he is giving pleasure to some other guy. He is going to grab his own cock and start jerking it off with such a great eagerness. Get ready to see this incredible post, to see how is this guy going to grab his fuck buddy’s cock between his feet and see how he is going to go up and down, jerking it with such a great lust. Enjoy seeing this incredible video and get ready to see more and more outstanding things here.

You will also get to see how these two are going to cum, spreading their huge loads all over their bodies. Get ready to see them splashed with warm jizz all over the place! You are going to have a fantastic time here with them and you’ll see many other exclusive scenes going on. See also the newest video update and have a great time getting all fired up!


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A Huge Success

Another fresh week and time to check out one brand new czech hunter update. As you know we always strive to bring you the best of the best porn scenes with hot new studs and today it’s no different either. We have for you a special scene as thank you for following us for so long and it features what probably is one of the most cock hungry studs that we have seen around the place in a long time. So get ready for one amazingly good porn scene with a pro in the art of gay sex. You are going to be enjoying his whole scene this afternoon and it will be quite the treat too. So let’s get that show on the road and let’s watch him play.


Obviously, the guy is also kind of broke too, so the whole thing ended up being even better for him as he’d get some serious money this afternoon. Watch him take the said payment first as a gesture of goodwill and then watch him have a go at that cock himself. He uses his expert tongue and lips to get it rock solid and once that’s done, you can see him bend over as well and taking the meat pole in the ass. He had a lot of fun with the whole thing and you just need to see him moan in pleasure as he takes his anal pounding today. It’s a scene to not miss and we bet he’s going to be back for more in the future as well!

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A Muscle Guy

Hey there once more guys and gals. Today’s new czech hunter scene features one simply superb and sexy body builder stud that gets to have some sexual fun like all the past hunks here. He’s looking damn sexy and our dude that gets to do all the fucking with his big cock couldn’t agree more. That was actually the reason why he approached the dude in the first place and be sure that it didn’t take too much convincing to get him on board. Well he was even happier when he found out that he’d get one nice and big sum of money to do this as well. Let’s not wait around and check him out without delay on czechhunter today.

As per usual, a hotel room was acquired and right as soon as the two pass through the door, the fun begins. This muscled dude makes quick work of his clothes and even shows off a bit as he poses with his perfectly sculpted body today. Then you can see him wrap his juicy lips around the huge cock and see him sucking it with a passion that we’ve never seen before. It’s a great view and it gets even better when he bends over and starts to take it in the ass. Watch him loving the fucking from behind as he moans in pleasure today. And see the ending where the guy takes a jizz load all over his cute ass as well.


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A Real Cutie

Well here we are yet once more with some brand new and sizzling hot czech hunter scenes for you. As you know, this is truly the best place to go to when you want to see some hot and cute Czech guys getting to fuck for money and enjoying it too every time. This update features a real cutie and we know you will agree. His story is that he was hitchhiking back home and didn’t have money. Well after the czechhunter scene he was featured in, be sure that he got to travel back first class and have spare cash to spoil himself too. Let’s check him out in this new and hot fuck scene that we bring you for the afternoon everyone!


Like all the guys here, our stud with his big cock sure knows how to pick them. The cute dude was an expert at blowing cock and when the scene begins, you cam see him whip out the meat pole and see him work it like a pro without delay. Then he proceeds to strip and bending over he even lets the guy finger that nice butt of his to get it looser. Watch as he moans in pleasure taking it doggie and missionary style in the ass today. To end this on a perfect note, you can see him blowing and stroking the cock some more, until the cock unloads a massive jizz blast all over that cute face of his too. Enjoy it and see you soon!

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Czech Hunter – Bad Timing

The title of this czech hunter scene couldn’t be more fitting as today you get to see a dude that was in much need of cash as well. His university debt came up again but he seemed to have fallen short and he needs a way to make some big cash fast or else. As you know, we’re always ready to lend a hand and this guy stumbled upon un on accident but at a very great time. We were searching for another good lucking dude to have some fun with a huge cock and as you know, the prize is quite the consistent pile of cash. Of course, he said yes on the spot and with that, he and the well endowed guy were on their way to a hotel room.

Once inside there wasn’t even a need for direction. The guy knew what he had to do and for all that cash he was going to make it look amazing too. Watch him whip out that meat pole and see him eagerly starting to suck and slurp on it to lube it for his ass and get it rock hard. The guy gets to have the time of his life fucking the big dicked dude today and you can watch him getting annaly fucked all over the bedroom today too. The best part for him? apart from anal pleasures and the superb fuck he had, he also got to make a nice earning today too. Who knows, maybe he’s going to be back in future czechhunter scenes as well.


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CzechHunter – BBQ Party

Another fresh week and time for one more new and hot czechhunter update to be shown off. As you will recall, in the past we had a pair of hot hunks that got down and dirty with out big dicked stud for some quick money, and they had quite the fun with the naughty threesome. We decided it was time to do another one of those again, and so you get to enjoy this fresh new batch with two all new and fresh guys. The trio met at a BBQ party and it was instant attraction as the two were very interested to get to have some hard style sex this evening too. Let’s get this show started and see them in action today everyone.


When the cameras start rolling, the two guys can be seen also accepting the nice and big sum of money and to start off, they get around to whip the huge cock out to suck and slurp on it with a passion without delay. They soon go back inside the house and the two continue with some more double blow jobing. After that, you can see them eagerly taking turns to bounce up and down that hard cock and they are just too overjoyed to ride it. See them fucked balls deep in the ass as they moan in pleasure today and let’s hope that these two will be back in the future with some more scenes. Bye bye and we’ll be seeing you next week!

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Guy Next Door

This week’s czech hunter update features another new and hot stud that gets to do some hard fucking for you enjoyment as usual. We wanted to go for more of a guy next door style of scene this time, as the title implies and so we chose a nice looking stud that is from around the area. The guy was more than willing to fuck for the sum of cash that we proposed and rest assured that he was pretty much down with the whole idea of taking a huge cock in his ass as well as big dicks are his passion. Well, let’s not waste anymore time and just get on with his scene as you just have to see this hunk in action today.

The scene starts with the whole picking up shtick as our guy with his big cock presents this dude with the offer of some serious cash in exchange for the said sex. Well not long after that, the two were back at his place and you can see this “guy next door” as he sucks some serious cock and then bends over to take it it the butt too. Watch him moan loudly in pleasure as his ass gets a thorough stretching from a fat cock today and see him taking a jizz load all over his cute ass in the end as well. We know you’ll like it and we plan on doing more just like this in future czechhunter scenes too. See you then and have fun!


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Czech Hunter 202

Well here we are again everyone and as usual with more new czech hunter treats for you. This scene features a double whammy if you will as it features both a guy that needs money, plus an outdoor scene as he got to do the naughty today. It seems that this guy was up to do just about anything for some cash and well, there’s plenty of that here. He was quite eager to fuck as well which is another plus to all of this too. Let’s get to check out his scene without delay today too as we can bet that all of you guys and gals are also very eager to see the guy fucking hard style in front of the cameras today. So let the show begin.


Like we mentioned, the scene takes place in the park once more and as soon as the cameras start to roll you can see today’s stud getting picked up in the beginning. He was taking a jog and after the whole cash proposition was made the guy just started to undress. Watch him show off that nude body first and then see him blowing our dude with a huge cock to make sure that the meat pole is rock hard. Then you can see him spreading his long sexy legs to take it in the ass missionary style for the rest of the afternoon. Either way it’s one amazing show and we will come back with more next time so stay tuned!

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Czech Hunter 211

We know just how much you love to see outdoor czech hunter scenes and see some lucky guys getting a thick cock in the ass too. So we decided to bring you another outdoor scene with a sexy stud that was all up for some naughty time with our dude and his big and hard cock. We picked him up in the park of course, as he was enjoying a leisurely walk around and relaxing on this warm summer afternoon. Rest assured that it didn’t take long for our dude to convince him, as he was getting pretty horny himself and a fuck was just what he was in the mood to do too. Let’s check him out in action today with his superb scene shall we?

Our temporary couple made their way slowly to a more secluded part of the park where people don’t really roam around that much and where they could have more privacy. Of course, there was still a chance to get caught, but these two love it like that as it makes the whole thing more exciting too. Well, once they settled on a spot, the guy starts to suck off that fat cock with a passion and nearly makes the guy blow his load one time too. After that he also ends up bending over and taking that huge dick in his fine ass as well. Enjoy the czechhunter scene as per usual and be sure that more will be here for you to see next week.


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